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For my Chanukah present, Brandon took me to see Dancing with the Stars Live. For dinner, we wanted a treat since we rarely go out to eat anymore. We both love hibachi so we went to Benihana. It was a few blocks from Radio City Music Hall andΒ it was a perfect location.

The waiter was well versed with the gluten free options Benihana had. I went with the typical hibachi dinner (steak) and he told me that I couldn’t have the soup so I would get double salad. I really liked the transparency. He also wrote that I was gluten free on the menu to give to the hibachi chef.

I wasn’t able to have either of the dipping sauces. 😦

The hibachi chef cooked everyone’s food in the gluten free soy sauce, which was awesome. I didn’t feel like I was inconveniencing our dinner companions.

We got our vegetables, fried rice and then steak. I couldn’t take pictures of everything since it came in pieces, but I managed to take a picture of my rice before I dug in.



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