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Valley Diner

My parents favorite diner is the Valley Diner in Closter, NJ, which we all call the Closter Diner. It’s never crowded and the food is fantastic. Better than normal diner food I think. I was home for 2 weekends in a row and we ate there twice!

The first time, it was for lunch and I got a salad that had arugula, grilled chicken, strawberries and avocado.


The salad had minimal ingredients, but they were all clean and fresh. The combination was great and definitely something I am going to recreate at home.

We also had dinner here. My mom, dad and I all got the same thing. Typical. We got the dinner special: stuffed sole florentine. It came with a salad, baked potato and dessert. The sole was stuffed with spinach and feta.


For dessert, I got homemade rice pudding with whipped cream and cinnamon.


This dinner was delicious. I can’t believe it was a diner dinner. We will definitely go back and my parents probably have already!


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