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Papa Ganache

After dinner when I was home, my parents and I went to Whole Foods to get dessert. I also wanted to get some of the products that I had coupons for that I could only buy at Whole Foods as there isn’t one near us in Queens. I found everything I needed and we set off to find fresh, gluten free bakery desserts.

I FINALLY found some gluten free and vegan cupcakes in the dessert display from Papa Ganache. There was 4 different choices, but I decided to go with the chocolate obsession cupcake. The more chocolate, the better.

How good do these cupcakes look?


When we got home, I plated the cupcake and couldn’t wait to dig in!


This cupcake was eh. It’s definitely not the worst gluten free cupcake I’ve tried, but it’s definitely down there. It kind of tasted like cardboard. I won’t be buying a cupcake from this bakery again.


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