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After a hockey game, Brandon, his sister, her husband, his sister, her husband and I went out to a late dinner at Lago. When I say late, I mean 10:30pm. Yes, it’s late I know. I was happy to eat here because they had gluten free pizza and pasta. I am trying to eat very healthy and it was pure temptation! I ended up giving into it because the fish dishes were twice as expensive. I don’t understand why they do that.

I started with the simple salad: mixed greens, ricotta salata, lemon and olive oil. I was beyond famished (I ate lunch at 1pm!) so I needed to get healthy food in my stomach immediately.


The salad was good, but it was only lettuce. Under other circumstances, I wouldn’t have gotten it, but it was a necessity.

For my main meal, I got the gluten free sofia pizza: cremini, shiitake + oyster mushrooms, fontina, taleggio, arugula, truffle oil and chives. I love mushrooms, but I never really eat them because Brandon doesn’t like them. Thanks…


My pizza was awesome, but there was a little too much cheese for me. I never thought I’d say that. I ate 3 slices because I was starving. I also ate off the rest of the arugula.

I got my pizza fix and don’t think I need to have it again for a long time. It was too much. I learned my lesson.


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