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Cave Tools Salad Spinner & Large Serving Bowl Set

Cave Tools reached out and asked if I’d be interested in trying out one of their products. From the list of choices, I decided to test out the Salad Spinner & Large Serving Bowl Set. I eat salads all the time, at least once a day, and I don’t already own a salad spinner. I know, right?

On the website, it was advertised that this salad spinner will cut my food preparation time in half! I spend about 3-4 hours (probably more, let’s be honest) each week preparing and making food for us for the week. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend less time in the kitchen so I can spend more time relaxing!

I opened the box and washed out the bowl, spinner and lid. I liked that the pieces were big and it was not hard to construct. Sometimes, when you order products, it comes in a thousand pieces and it’s an activity to assemble. This wasn’t the case.

I cut up my lettuce and I added it to the bowl.


Pretty, but dirty lettuce. I added water and put the lid on.


I really liked that the lid was vented. I drained the water that I added through that and then used the spinning knob to get off all the excess water.


It was really easy to use. I added my lettuce to my bowl and it was all set. Don’t you hate when you add your lettuce and by the time you eat your salad, it’s still very watery. Using this salad spinner, there will be no more soggy lettuce.

I also used the spinner with my chick peas. It worked just the same! I really liked how clean the chick peas tasted. I hate it when there’s a little of the syrup taste left. Gross. The spinner eliminates that taste.

It was also every easy to clean afterwards. There wasn’t that much clean up though since it was constantly in water, which is great. It’s also dishwasher safe.

I highly recommend ordering the salad spinner if you’re in the market for one! You can buy the Cave Tools Salad Spinner & Large Serving Bowl Set here. I also have a discount code for you! You can save an additional 15% off with the code: SALAD15.


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