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Bubba’s Bistro

Brandon and I went on a spontaneous date night a few weekends ago. We got on the subway and took rode it down to Astoria-Ditmars. We picked the first restaurant that we saw that we (really me) could eat at. That restaurant was Bubba’s Bistro. It’s a small, southern restaurant with a modern flair. It has the funniest signs on the wall and a menu with many different options. They also have happy hour until 8 (including the weekends!)

To drink, Brandon got a margarita on the rocks and I got a white sangria. We each ended up getting another drink throughout the meal. I know bad Amanda, but it was still happy hour prices and it was date night!

I ordered the Seafood Gumbo: rice pilaf, shrimp, clams, calamari, mussels, Chorizo, roasted tomato, red wine, basil saffron, and the Holy Trinity. I did confirm with the waiter that it was gluten free before ordering it and he said yes.


It was so good. The seafood was cooked perfectly. I gave Brandon my shrimp, but I ate everything else. I liked that I had to de-shell everything.

Brandon ordered the special: ribs, baked potato and cole slaw.


He loved it and ate everything. Surprising right?!?!?!

We went back again during the week for a cheer up meal. I ordered the same thing and Brandon ordered the ribs off the menu.


They weren’t as good as the ribs special, in my opinion.


We went back to Bubba’s again this weekend. I’m thoroughly sick of it now. Brandon got the rib special and I actually got something different. Mixing it up I know. I’m proud of myself too. I got the Cajun Blackened Cod Fish with a creamy avocado yogurt sauce. It came with sautรฉed veggies and a choice of carb. I got the dirty rice. I enjoyed my dish, but I didn’t want to eat at Bubba’s because I wasn’t into it. I need a break from it, but the food is always delicious. We highly recommend it.


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