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Brandon, Brandon’s mom and I got a late lunch / early dinner on selection Sunday. All 3 of us got the restaurant week dinner special at Sergios of Pelham: appetizer, dish, dessert and coffee/tea, but we all got different items.

Brandon started with the Mozzarella E Pomodoro: fresh mozzarella with tomatoes, basil, balsamic and pesto. He ate it all and didn’t share. Rude.


Brandon’s mom got the Caesar salad. Look at that presentation. It was almost too pretty to eat.


I got the Carciofi Alla Giudia: baby artichokes sautΓ©ed with garlic and olive oil. They were so tasty and cooked perfectly.


I never have artichokes because I have no idea how to cut and cook them. Yes, I went to culinary school, but we never made artichokes.

For my main meal, I got the Linguini Alle Vongole: linguini with manilla clams in a garlic white wine sauce. What else is new? They had gluten free pasta. I have to take advantage.


It was good. Nothing extraordinary, but nothing terribly wrong with it.

For dessert, I got the tartufo. It was chocolate and vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate pieces topped with whipped cream.


It was amazing. I love dessert. It took everything I had to not lick the plate.

Overall, we all enjoyed ourselves and we had good food and service.


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