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Chela and Garnacha

Brandon and I, again, went on a spontaneous date night because I was tired of eating my cooking. Does anyone else ever feel like that? Brandon wasn’t sick of it, but I was. We couldn’t decide what type of food to get (because I always recommend Thai) and decided on Mexican instead (Thai isn’t Brandon’s first choice).

Brandon found a place online, Chela & Garnacha, which was a few blocks away that had great reviews. We set off.

When we got there, there was no one inside. I immediately didn’t want to eat there. I like when restaurants are full of people. We decided, well really Brandon that it was because it was early on a Friday for dinner (a little before 6pm). The restaurant was also really casual so I still wasn’t happy.

We sat down and got menus to review. There wasn’t much of a selection in my opinion so I still wasn’t happy. The waitress came over to take our drink order (only waters) and I told her I was gluten free. She said everything on the menu is gluten free except for anything in the marinade. My unhappiness started to deplete.

We decided to split an appetizer because we were starving. We got theΒ Intrincadas de Pollo: crispy masa patties topped off with guacamole, chipotle adobado, sour cream & shredded chicken. We both never tried masa before, but knew it was corn.

When I tell you this was delicious, it was so delicious. It was definitely one of the best mMexican dishes I’ve ever tried. My unhappiness disappeared and I was on cloud 9.


The flavors of the cheese, chicken, sauce and guacamole melted together in our mouths. We both agreed that we will be ordering this again.

Brandon and I both picked 3 tacos for dinner. In hindsight, we probably should have only gotten 2 each because of the appetizer, but whatever. I got the


All of the tacos were delicious, but my favorite was the cod. I’ll be ordering 2 of them next time!

Brandon got the:


He really liked his tacos and he got cheese added to all of them. That’s the fried sheet that the toppings are wrapped in.

Moral of the story: first impressions aren’t everything and I have to give everything a chance. Also, the waitresses didn’t hover and we constantly had our water refilled. I love restaurants that have excellent service. We will be going back.

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