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Promise Gluten Free Bagels

As I was walking towards the register, I felt an urge to stop and look at the fresher, refrigerated gluten free desserts. I then saw the Promise Gluten Free Bagels. I’ve never heard of this brand before and I haven’t heard anyone talk about it. I knew I had to pick them up.

There were 2 different flavor: plain and cinnamon raisin. I got both of them because they had clean ingredients and are only 4 WW smart points each! That’s such a steal for a bagel and especially a gluten free bagel.

These bagelsย are soy,ย dairy, wheat, gluten and nut free. They are also low fat and high in fiber. I was excited to taste them!


I put the bagel in the microwave for a little under 30 seconds to defrost it. Then, I toasted it.

I had my bagel topped with egg whites with a side of mixed fruit: strawberries, banana and blueberries.


The bagel was good. It had no overwhelming flavor and it wasn’t doughy. Regardless, this was one of the better gluten free bagels I’ve eaten.

Since then, I’ve also had the plain bagel toasted with butter. It was good! I’m really looking forward to finishing up the bagels, trying the cinnamon raisin and buying more. If you see them in the supermarket, I definitely recommend it.


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