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Go Veggie

Go Veggie was nice enough to send me a few free coupons in the mail to try their products. On my last trip to the grocery store, I picked up 2 items. I didn’t know what else to try to I wanted to ask my readers. What should I buy form Go Veggie the next time I’m at the supermarket? Let me know below!

Anyway, I picked up the Lactose Free American Singlesย and the Lactose Free
Parmesan Grated Topping.

I really like the American singles because they actually taste like regular American cheese. I’ve only eaten them plain, but I’m sure they will taste great in a sandwich or grilled cheese.


My family has been buying the Parmesan Grated Topping for years. We use it on veggies, pasta, pizza, meatballs, etc. It tastes good on everything.



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