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Aleia’s Coat & Crunch

I got the Aleia’s Coat & Crunch at the Gluten Free Expo last year. I totally forgot I had it in the cupboard so I was super excited when I found it! I decided to make breaded chicken and let me say, this was the easiest thing to do. I will definitely be fixing it up at the supermarket. It’s a new pantry staple.


Aleia’s thought of everything. Inside the box, there’s 2 different packets. All you had to do was open the packet, pour in same olive oil into the bag (yes, a bag for mixing), add the chicken and pour in the breadcrumbs. Hold the bag closed and shake!


As you can see, this coated the chicken perfectly. I was suprised. I baked the chicken until it was cooked (about 20-30 minutes). The breading crisped up and stayed on the chicken!


The chicken tasted like it was fried and from a restaurant. It was fantastic. Both Brandon and I loved it. I am definitely purchasing this the next time I’m at the supermarket.


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